Thursday, February 2, 2012

I went on the most lovely Adventure with Dylann.

I went on the most lovely adventure with Dylann. She is a large portion of my current light-life. Absolutely, my sunshine. I would be dead without this lady. I am finding myself becoming almost needy of her energy, which I am going to work on changing. I have never been much of an individual, I am always sucking out of others or very dependent on people/things. She makes me feel less dependent, or needy of any substance or substitute to create happiness for me. We sung Edward all night. Screamed, really... It was the happiest night in a while. We went to Ferndale and found the Boston Tea Room, for the first time. It is wonderful. I bought a crystal. I believe that something beyond my 'wants' brought me to buy this crystal. I figured out the direct angle to rotate it to create a rainbow. It will hang from my neck from now on.

Organic Food Market.

Dylann and I left and road around. We spoke about how much we loved eachother. She told me this was one of the first relationships she has had that seems as real as it does. I felt like I could understand all that she gave to me. The words she told me filled me with warmth. She really loves me, I think. I'm not sure anyone has ever truly love me. I used to behave disgustingly, and unreal, which still pulls on me, and I believe to be the reason for being treated so disgustingly. But Dylann sees the light in me. We could not stop talking about how happy we made each other. She is beautiful. We met some lady with bright pink hair, along with a man, who screamed "ARE YOU READY?" We asked for what? "TO CROSS THE STREET." Fuck yes, we were ready! Ww ran and we raced and we skipped and we screamed. We kept laughing. I felt like I was going to fall over, I was so happy. We went to Goldfish Tea next. A lovely musician, Mark, played a song by my favorite artist: Joanna Newsome. That was extremely surprising to me. I even decided to talk to him, the stranger, which is very unusual for me. I got a picture with him. I can not find it. On our way home, Dylann and I saved a tree from the nasty roads filled with killing vehicles! But not really, the tree had already died. We attempted to use ear candles that were said to 'clear our minds,' which failed horribly. We originally thought that they were supposed to suck the ear wax out of our heads.

We talked for a whiles about the lovely world, burned sage, cuddled and slept beneath it's cleans smoke and candle lights.

The Next Morning
Rummage sale! Boop Doop!

I brought Dyalnn to see Zeds Dead, man! Her first rave. We had balls and buckets and pools of joy. I'm happy that I brought her so many smiles! But later, I found that she doesn't truly love the music. It sets her off. Which made me think a lot. Electronic pulls me away too, only some beats I can truly resonate with, otherwise, I only believe that the music has pulled me to some sort of addiction for joy. And I love to dance.

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