Thursday, February 21, 2013

Going Down the Rabbit Hole.

The leaves were quite red. Blue, blue. A blue car. My favorite blue car. My favorite car. We excellerated. Bowl packed, turkey in the oven. Brown hair and swollen pupils. Our heads turning, and our mouths smiling. Laughter filled the space like it always has with us. Our once soggy red eyes turned dry. (But maybe stayed a little red ;)). A pink house with a sign. I think Alice lives there. One mystical house with magical energies exploding from it. Fingers intertwined and tires rolling.

Monday, December 31, 2012

He cares

I sat and held my needs
He joked and cuddle and smiled and cared

I blinded myself to the closet

He came in and rescued me. And kiss me. And help me. He made me hold him back. He cares.

All he's done is care for me tonight.

I talked about my biggest fear. People thinking me feelings are untrue, that what I feel are just exaggeration a and bullshit. He comforted me. He cried. I talked about how I have so much pain and feeling noone understands. He told me that everyone has that and I felt embarrassed. But he's right. I need to deal with this pain alone. That's the point.

I massaged his temples and tucked him him. He was the first man to ever tuck me in.

New Year's Eve

I was backwards on his front side. We were covered in warmth. He heated my root beauty. The ball was falling and he bit my neck and rubbed my buzzing root bee. I jumped on his matter and finished. I sounded and smacked and gave beauty.

New Years Resolution

Focus on what my heart is seeking
(Guitar, writings, arts, fascinations)
Eat as vegan as possible (try new diets)
Start transitioning to save the world (planet, energy)
Open up my sex with my fire
Be naturally open
Be real/truthfulto myself and to others
Learn something new everyday
Slow my pot roll
Take care of myself
Do what I need

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

He had me lay on him and rubbed me more. And grabbed me and held me and kissed me. I sat on him like a dead horse and thump thump

Here's my presents

I think it is morning, and sludgy cold, too.

Vibrating machines on little bumble bee spots. Bitten skin of smoothly fruits that seep milk into babies mouths. The bruises in that milk, boy the bruises. Butt Rhinoceros; GiSh. I have yet to drink your liquids.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Night. 9:66 PM

This is my first Christmas with the pumpkin butt down there. His presents for me were beautiful. He got me the coolest film of the smashing pumpkins playing life, 05/15/1996. And my possession ticket. He kissed me that very night. He got me coupons for back massages from him. Hahahahaha. That is all I needed to begin with. My back broke when I was born. Aw, babe boob. He bought me the Phantom of the Opera on Vynl. The Michael Crawford one. I think I could possibly be in love with the phantom. The love bent my spine and touched my root bones. And tapped and kissed my goddesses body.